5 Adventurous Things to Do in Georgia


One of the most stunning places in the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia is a cultural and historical gem just waiting to be discovered. If you’re always on the lookout for a new and exciting adventure, Georgia offers some of the best experiences imaginable. From mingling with locals in remote villages to viewing spectacular glaciers, there are so many things to do in Georgia.

Let’s explore some of the life-changing adventures on offer in beautiful Georgia.

The Svaneti Mountains are a prime location for hikers and adventurers.
The Svaneti Mountains are a prime location for hikers and adventurers.

Trek through the Svaneti

The Svaneti is a historic region of Georgia running along the Caucasus Mountains in the northwest. It is one of the most mountainous parts of Georgia, being home to four of the country’s ten highest peaks. Mount Shkhara, standing at 5,201 metres, is the largest of them all. Some of the adventures listed below are found in the beautiful, diverse landscape of the Svaneti, which is typically split in half by the Svaneti Range.

The Upper Svaneti, on the upper Inguri River, is one of those valleys, while the Lower Svaneti lies on the upper Tskhenistsqali River. Being the most densely inhabited area in the Caucasus Mountains, any visit to the Svaneti is a chance to experience its famous hospitality. With so many ancient villages, stunning mountains and picturesque vistas, the Svaneti is a must-see part of Georgia.

Journey to Adishi

Sitting 2,040 metres above sea level, the highland village of Adishi remains relatively untouched. Like so many of Georgia’s stunning historic towns,, Adishi is so remote that even 4WD vehicles struggle to reach it for most of the year. Despite its isolation, the village receives visitors, and locals are known for their warm hospitality, a true reflection of 

The journey itself is an experience, beginning at Mulakhi village. As you traverse the slopes of Mt Tetnuldi, reaching heights of around 2,800 metres above sea level, the vistas of the Chaneri Glacier, Mt Ushba, and the entire Svaneti Range are truly awe-inspiring. Upon crossing the Uvgiri Pass, you’ll arrive in Adishi, greeted by several churches, towers, and other remnants of bygone eras.

The magnificent Adishi Glacier. Image by Crooked Compass.
The magnificent Adishi Glacier. Image by Crooked Compass.

Trekking to Iprari

The remote village of Iprari remains largely untouched by the outside world. It is home to churches and various relics of the past, offering a friendly and welcoming village after a day of adventurous hiking. From Adishi, you can walk on an approximately 17 km trek to Iprari, taking you through beautiful terrain.

Along this route, you’ll pass through the remains of Kalde village, following picturesque paths lined with rhododendrons. Much of the journey follows along a river, and you may need to cross it on horseback as you navigate the Chkhutnieri Pass. This trek is not for the faint-hearted, as weather conditions can pose significant challenges. Upon reaching Iprari, you’ll be greeted by friendly locals eager to share their culture and traditions with you.

Hiking to Ushguli

With a little bit of hiking from Iprari, you can discover the ancient village of Ushguli. The walk itself takes you through some beautiful countryside and valleys, surrounded by the imposing peaks of the nearby mountains. Ushguli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with some buildings dating back to the 12th century.  Ushguli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasting buildings dating back to the 12th century. Unlike some of the more developed regions of Georgia, Ushguli remains largely inaccessible, preserving its pristine beauty.

Resting roughly 2,100 metres above sea level, Ushguli is also one of Europe’s highest continuously inhabited settlements. Around 200 people live in this small collection of villages, and they are closed off to the world for much of the year when snow blocks access to the area.

Aside from the ancient buildings, a highlight of visiting Ushguli is the view of Mt Shkhara from one of the town’s stone watch towers. You can climb a nearby hill to Queen Tamar’s Tower for a spectacular view.

Ushguli is a community of five villages located in Svaneti.
Ushguli is a community of five villages located in Svaneti.

Shkhara Glacier

One of the most visually impressive things to do in Georgia is walk to the Shkhara Glacier. This enormous glacier is the Enguri River’s main water source and lies at the base of the Shkhara Mountain, Georgia’s largest peak. The walk takes you through beautiful meadows filled with alpine flowers, a unique experience for those who take the trip. Seeing this monolithic ice structure up close is something that not many people get to do, but if you’re feeling adventurous, the reward is worth it.

Looking for more things to do in Georgia?

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