About us

The Crooked Compass Journey

Crooked Compass delivers immersive, perspective-shifting itineraries that challenge and inspire the sophisticated traveller on a deeply personal level, creating emotion through the powerful medium of storytelling and transforming their lives for the better.

Cultural integration

Crooked Compass strategically and sensitively integrates the local community, aligning itself with the values of the inhabitants and protecting the authenticity of their culture, while enriching the experience of our travellers.

Mount Hagen Cultural Show Crooked compass

Emotional connection

Crooked Compass offers outstanding examples of high-end design that contribute to the emotional experience of the traveller, using exquisite aesthetics and creative ingenuity to offer a new perspective and showcase the richness of its locality.

Walking in palestine - mar Saba monastery Crooked Compass

Thoughtfully crafted tours

Crooked Compass offers an exclusive range of small group tours (min 2, max 12 travellers). For those travellers seeking more flexibility and personalisation, Tours By Design, our bespoke hand crafted journeys are mindfully designed for you.

Bandiagara mud houses mali -Crooked compass

About the founder

Crooked Compass Founder, Lisa Pagotto’s efforts in the experiential travel space, have directly influenced the development of the experiential travel movement – a true maverick whose commitment, curiosity and daring sets new standards for the industry at large.

Lisa has created an eco-system for travellers to have real experiences – enriching you, at your own pace without creating a ‘manufactured experience’.


Crooked Compass is an Accredited member of the Council of Australian Tour Operators (CATO). Member number #48335343.

CATO membership signifies a participant’s alignment with, understanding of, and compliance with all aspects of the CATO Member Code of Conduct, as well as adherence to financial reporting obligations based on the jurisdiction in which the member is domiciled.