Crooked Compass Brochure

Our brochure is currently available only in digital format. Experiential travel is the new vogue. Travellers are seeking the places behind the faces with an educational fuelled curiosity, wanting to explore further beyond. This inquisitiveness pushes us to be continuously creative, more innovative and to ensure we constantly surprise our travellers with something fresh, unheard of and life altering.

With a spread of exciting new journeys venturing further than ever before, our mission to empower our travellers to change the world, locally and globally, achieving trans-formative outcomes for themselves and the local communities and initiatives they take part in, has never been stronger.

UnCharted Digital Magazine

Armchair travel at its best for those travellers keen to venture beyond the norm. Delve into journeys around the globe without leaving your home. Taking you beyond the tourist trails and into the heart and soul of remote regions and connecting you on a deeper level to some of the planets most incredible cultures and communities to keep you inspired and planning that next adventure.

Edition Eight, 2024

Edition Seven, 2022

Edition Six, 2021

Edition Five, 2021

Edition Four, 2020

Edition Three, 2020

Edition Two, 2020

Edition One, 2020