Tours by Design

Tours by Design (private touring), are a Crooked Compass specialty if you are looking for something personalised precisely to your style. 

What are Tours by Design?

Tours By Design is our customised touring department where the Crooked Compass team can design a unique itinerary, especially for you.

Why pay for tours that include excursions you simply are not interested in? Maybe you have come across an itinerary elsewhere that is ‘almost’ perfect, but not quite. Perhaps you would like assistance to help create that dream itinerary from scratch and turn it into a reality.

Whatever you reason for customising your own tour, our expert team is here to help.

Our bespoke hand-crafted journeys are mindfully designed for you.

Plan your tour
Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan - Crooked Compass
Mount Hagen - Crooked Compass
An eagle hunter with his eagle - Photo credit: Crooked Compass
Wreck of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto's Aircraft
Hiking Atlas Mountains - Crooked Compass
Horseriding on a Sumba beach at sunset - Crooked Compass
Hegra sunrise Saudi Arabia Al Ula - Crooked Compass
Bottletree Socotra, Crooked Compass

Things to think about


How much time do you have and how do you want to spend it? Jam packed full of daily adventures, or a slower pace allowing you to absorb your destination – perhaps a combination of both?


Think about what you really want included. Would you like airport transfers with a meet and greet on arrival, or do you prefer to catch local taxis? Do you want to travel by private vehicle when you sightsee or do you like to mix it up and mingle with the locals on local transport? How much sightseeing do you wish to include? Do you want entry fees included or would you prefer to pay them as you go? What do you want to exclude?


What style and standard of accommodation are you looking for? Do you prefer smaller boutique properties with a local flair or comfortable western hotels? Perhaps a homestay is more your thing, or simply a clean, comfortable and a basic room.


Are you happy to have a local guide in each location you visit or would you prefer a guide to escort you from start to finish on your journey?


Consider all of the above when working out your budget.

All sound good? Ok let’s start planning!

What our adventurers are saying

My recent trip to Papua New Guinea ticked all the right boxes and more. Personally designed for my party, this trip enabled me to walk in the footsteps of my great uncle who lived in PNG for over 40 years. Our party travelled to remote Lake Murray where time appears to stand still, and to the base of Mt. Wilhelm where we were treated like family by the guesthouse owners. We danced to kundu drums at the Goroka Show and gazed on the beautiful bird of paradise as it performed its ballet high in the treetops. PNG is not for the feint hearted, but if you are an intrepid traveller and the world doesn’t end if you don’t get picked up exactly on time, you won’t find better! Crooked Compass kept us safe while providing wonderful opportunities to experience the diverse culture and wildlife that is Papua New Guinea

Lynne Ainsworth

More beautiful than I could have ever imagined, and worth every step of the four day trek through the wild Andean mountains and 5,300m passes to get there. I’ve never been as challenged physically or mentally, but I’ve also never been somewhere so stunning in its natural beauty, so remote and so far off the beaten tourist path. We saw a grand total of five other trekkers during the five days we were there! Crooked Compass thank you for the adventure of a lifetime, the Ausangate trek and your Wild Peru itinerary has moved me and changed me in ways I could never have predicted.

Nina Karnikowski

The trip was above and beyond my expectations. I was impressed with not only the professionalism in the organisation of the tour but also when things didn’t quite go to plan how they were handled. The personal relationships of the guide with the local people made a huge difference to our amazing experience and I doubt very much that we would have had this with any other travel group. Thanks to Lisa and her team in Mongolia for taking us down a “Different Path”.

Kerrie Pain

Trekking through the Svaneti region and taking in the majestic glaciers and mountain ranges covered in delicate wildflowers, and ending in the UNESCO World Heritage village of Ushguli, only to be met by ancient stone watch towers and stunning views. Staying with local families and seeing how they have lived for thousands of years… An amazing experience to be treasured always.

Di Yates

I honestly could not think of better people to book through than Crooked Compass and better guides / sherpas to have. They made our trip seamless and nothing was a hassle – even with our injuries! Making base camp was a dream but without the help of those surrounding us, this would not have come true. I am so thankful and so appreciative. The Nepalese people are beautiful inside and out and cannot do enough for us foreigners.

Tania Bourke

I loved visiting places where there were no other tourists and having the opportunity to see locals in their daily life and having the opportunity to learn from them. Meditating while monks chanted was a powerful experience.

Cheryl Philips

Our Iran experience was wonderful. Not knowing what to expect and thinking that it may be a cultural stretch for us, we were blown away by the culture, history, food, cleanliness of all cities (including public toilets), safety but especially the friendly and hospitable people that the Iranian people are. Never once did we hear anyone complain or criticize another country, religion or people in general. My view of that part of the world, littered by media misinformation, has changed 180 degrees and I cannot recommend Iran enough for anyone wishing to visit. Our guide, Davood Dehghani, is a wonderful ambassador for his country and a top bloke as well. Our highlight was spending the night with the Lorish nomads in Deh dasht. Simply wonderful people, that we were lucky enough to spend some time with…Recommend this totally and the country side around the area and on the way there was simply beautiful.

Michael and Anastasia Reyes

Everything was amazing – Sooo perfect. I couldn’t choose one highlight. Our guides were so fantastic – they were courteous, friendly, professional, helpful and full of local knowledge – it’s clear they really love their jobs. They made the sites even more amazing. Everything was planned so well. Our guides were always on time and so professional and helpful. This was The MOST AMAZING holiday EVER. I have recommended you to people in our home town and abroad – I will to anyone who will listen actually. WONDERFUL: Thank you for making our holiday perfect.

Shery Stewart

Every day I was blown away with new scenery and experiences not expected. Great company, lots of laughs, special care and constant assistance from guides and drivers. Excellent accommodation and food – I would do it all again in a heartbeat. VERY happy to promote Mongolia as a ‘must see’ country with wonderful hospitality and delightful and very different experiences every day. Now my friends understand that it was NOT a crazy idea to go travelling on my own to a remote and foreign country. Our photos tell the whole story!

Shevauneen Geiger