Five unique experiences for your next family trip in Asia!


Put down the ipads and computer games, we all want our children to grow up open minded and educated and what better way to teach children the wonders of the world than by experiencing them first hand. Let’s talk Asia. With vibrant cities, friendly locals, unique cultural experiences, let us share with you five unique activities that you never knew you could experience in Asia that will give your family endless stories of exciting encounters and local rendezvous.

1.       Forbidden city treasure hunt

Take part in a treasure hunt whilst exploring Beijing’s iconic Forbidden City. The treasure hunt involves seeking out symbols scattered around the 9,999 buildings throughout the city. The local guides will explain the sites history and legends whilst carefully plotting clues useful for the treasure hunt. It’s a great way to educate the kids about the history and get them involved in exploring the Forbidden City.

Forbidden City, Beijing
Forbidden City, Beijing

2.       Seek out rare pink Dolphins in Thailand

Go in search of exotic Thai wildlife such as the rare pink dolphins in the south of Thailand. It is thought there are around 2000 in the wild and around 150 dolphins in Thailand. Experience these majestic creatures in their natural habitat by getting up close and personal by gliding through the waters on a long tail fishing boat.

Pink dolphin
Pink dolphin

3.       Tobogganing on the great wall of China

Whilst the Great Wall of China is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world and an absolute must when visiting China, why not experience it with a twist- tobogganing down the Great wall at Mutianyu! Built more than 2,000 years ago to guard from the enemy tribes from the north, the wall snakes through 4,000 miles across the mountains of northern China. What better way to experience the great wall than hiking one of the Seven Wonders of the World and tobogganing alongside it. If you’re searching for a fun and convenient way of returning to the entrance of the hike, the 1580 metre long Toboggan lets you dive along the mountain path, zig zagging down a series of bends allowing for some breath taking scenery along the way. It’s also a great way to keep the kids interested and involved whilst exploring such an incredible destination!

4.       Experience a local village homestay in rural Vietnam

Immerse your family in the authentic hill tribe culture in a hidden corner of rural Vietnam. This experience involves spending a night in the Muong village of Tu Ne and partaking in daily activities, chatting with the local community, tasting some local Muong specialities and staying in a traditional stilted-house. Your family can learn about the Muong traditions, explore rural Vietnamese landscapes and support Tu Ne’s local community.

Homestay amongst rice paddies
Homestay amongst rice paddies

5.       Snorkel your way through the untouched beaches of Southern Myanmar

A country that only opened their doors to tourism five years ago, Myanmar is definitely an amazing destination for your next family getaway. An up and coming country unlike its bustling neighbour Thailand, Myanmar’s pristine beaches in the south a proving to be a major hit for many travellers. Untouched and not yet a hit with tourism, why not snorkel your way around Myanmar’s southern beaches, checking out its amazing sea life whilst immersing your family with the friendly locals throughout the villages.

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