Everyone can be a Travel Photographer


Everyone can be a travel photographer

With the popularity of apps like Instagram everyone has the chance to be a travel photographer and document the amazing world we live in via the art of photography. Like never before photography is listed as one of the most popular hobbies. Many photography enthusiasts think you have to join a specific photography tour; however, you don’t! Whilst photography tours are extremely popular, you can turn any destination into a chance to take some world class photos that National Geographic will be asking to repost.

You don’t need expensive equipment to take a great shot. It’s all in the eye and being in the right place at the right time. Many of our travellers have taken amazing photos with their point and shoot cameras as well as their phones. There is something very satisfying about sitting on your couch long after you have returned from your travels and looking back on your memories, it’s an easy way to be transported back to that magic time and place. The added bonus is that it is something you created!

Here are some ideas for destinations to consider if you would like to have your own photography adventure. These locations offer landscape, wildlife, cultural exchange and the chance to photograph daily life; these are the features that make for an interesting photo.

Raw Namibia

Africa, the ultimate destination for photography and nature lovers. Whether it be cheetahs or leopards, bushmen or hunter-gatherer tribes, we have a journey that will provide you with a life changing experience and the chance to contribute to the conservation of Namibia’s cats and diminishing traditional tribes. As well as get that photo that will have your friends asking did YOU really take that?

Go telemetry tracking for lions, elephants and leopards. Walk with caracals and go behind the scenes of the Leopard Conservation Fund. Join San Bushmen around their evening fire and listen to their traditional stories about the stars, animals, galaxies and the universe. Go on a bush hunt with the Ju’hoan hunters, collecting bush foods of berries, tubers, honey and small animals.

Eastern Borders of Turkey

In a different world to Turkey’s bustling seaside resorts, the exciting lands of eastern Turkey offer adventure, rich cultural experiences and breathtaking scenery. Beginning in the lush mountains of the Black Sea region, travel across arid plains, past crumbled villages and deep blue lakes.

The tangle of ancient and current cultures will intrigue you as you visit evocative, historical sites such as the ancient Armenian capital of Ani, the Byzantine masterpiece that is Sumela Monastery, the Ishak Pasa Palace, the architecture of Mardin and many seldom visited spots such as Lake Çildir and the remote Georgian churches and fortresses in the northeast. Mount Ararat at 5137m dominates the Iranian border and Lake Van, vast and mountain encircled, feeds the plains near the Iraqi frontier.

With its broad vistas and dramatic scenery, its ubiquitous borders, and a fascinating history and culture, this trip gives a truly varied insight into a part of Turkey rarely seen by foreign visitors. And the chance to take some photographs that will transport you back every time you look back at them.

Sandstone statues of Antiochus's Persian ancestors
Eastern Border of Turkey Tour – Photo Credit: Crooked Compass

Galapagos Uncovered

On a journey through the Western and Northern Galapagos, you will experience intimate encounters with an extraordinary profusion of exotic wildlife – both on land, and in the sea. These enchanting islands, offer the planets most unique and fascinating ecosystems.

Discover wild creatures in lands you will never forget. Your expert naturalists will take you on guided nature walks, allow you time to capture those perfect photographs, snorkel amongst playful sea lions and kayak through turquoise waters.

Zip through the waters on your zodiac, allowing you to get up close and personal with the water based wildlife and landing you safely on the varying islands and islets. Go whale watching, star gazing… the experiences are endless.

The Galapagos – there is nothing else like it on earth.

Frigate bird
Frigate bird

Tours By Design

Tours by Design are a Crooked Compass specialty if you are looking for something personalised precisely to your style. Why pay for tours that include excursions you simply are not interested in? Maybe you have come across an itinerary elsewhere that is ‘almost’ perfect, but not quite. Perhaps you would like assistance to help create that dream itinerary from scratch and turn it into a reality.

Whatever your reason for customising your own tour, our expert team is here to help. We would love to hear from you and help you design an experience that will turn into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Mt Paekdu
Mt Paekdu

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