Top Five things to do in Dubai Airport


Have you got one of those long connections most of us experience in at least one direction when flying through Dubai? Do you dread wondering what you will do to fill in the time? Well fear not my fellow travellers, Dubai International Airport, which has 75 million travellers passing through it each year, is one of the few airports in the world that actually has a handful of fun things to do to help pass your time. Keep in mind it is no Changi Airport, but there is still plenty to keep you occupied.


1.       Why not take a swim?

Right inside the airport terminal is not only a swimming pool, but a gym, sauna, jacuzzi and shower facilities. The ‘G-Force’ is located in Terminal 1 and on the hotel level (level 5) in Terminal 3. A small fee is payable for entry.


2.       Catch up on some Zzzz’s in a Snooze Cube

Although there is a hotel within the the airport that can booked by the hour, if you don’t feel the need for a whole hotel room, or 4 star prices, then it may be worth checking out a Snooze Cube. If you are like me, trying to sleep sitting upright on a plane with neighbours constantly bumping you does not not really provide you the most restful sleep. Inside a Snooze Cube however, you can actually lay down in a comfortable bed, and rest easy knowing you will not miss your connecting flight as the units are connected to the airports flight information system. Each cube has a full sized bed, touch screen television and high speed internet access. Located next to gate C22 in Terminal 1, there are 10 Snooze Cubes available for rent by the hour.


3.       Grab a bite to eat at Giraffe

Giraffe Restaurant, found in terminal 3, is a great place to refuel in between flights. With an extensive range of mouth-watering cuisine, as well as coffee, cocktails and smoothies, your biggest problem will be trying to make a decision on what to have! The other great thing about Giraffe Restaurant is that they also offer their customers free unlimited WiFi. (The airport only offers half an hour free WiFi).


4.       Relax in the Zen Gardens

There are two Zen gardens to be found within the airport. Located near gates B7 & B27, they were created to provide a cool and calming area inside the bustling airport terminal, creating a small oasis with leafy ferns, lush palms and waterways. Why not take a break and find your Zen?


5.       Win a car

Inside the airport terminals, there are two luxury cars that are always up for grabs. You have plenty of time of kill, so you may as well spend 3 minutes of it completing an entry form. Someone has to win and it might as well be you!

Other facilities within the airport are: Women’s Lounge & Children’s Play Area located between gates 12 and 14, internet kiosks near Gate 9 and Gate 23, a medical centre on the ground level of the Concourse, post office near Gate 18 (open 24 hours), four prayer rooms in Arrivals and the main Concourse, and banking and currency exchange located near Gates 8, 18 and 22.


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