Odisha in Photos


Joe Maree recently ventured to the remote region of Odisha in India where he mingled with remote tribes, untouched by the western world. Joe share his experience and photos with us.

Following in the footsteps of India’s ‘original people’, I explored the culture of the indigenous population and their ancient ways of living. Exploring the weekly local markets of the Bonda, Dongria Kondh,  Kutia, Mali and Pana tribes, I had the opportunity to engage with those that are considered to be some the most fascinating tribes remaining in India. I was immersed ino the culture of a variety of indigenous groups and appreciated the extreme contrast between modern society and those who resist technological and agricultural advancements.

There are over 60 recognised tribal groups living in Odisha, all with their own unique culture, language, dress and traditions. Some of these groups have fiercely resisted any form of technological advancement, preferring to keep their traditional methods. Other tribal groups have slowly adopted some of this technology, not only for their personal use, but in order to appease the younger generations who tend to opt for a modern lifestyle.

Bonda Tribal Lady at their weekly market
Bonda tribe, Bonda women, tribes of Odisha
Bonda Women selling homemade wine at their weekly market
Dongria Kondh market
An Old man and his pink house at the Dongria Kondh market
Dongria Kondh facial tattoos
The Dongria Kondh are recognised by their nose piercings and facial tattoos
Close up photo of a Bonda woman in traditional garb
Even at their tribal hamlets (village) the locals wear bright colours and jewellery
Women gather together at the Dongria Kondh weekly market
Rayagada, India
Children play hopscotch and with old tires in their tribal hamlet, near Rayagada

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