5 Trips You Should Take With Your Mum


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is the time to think about how best to celebrate this special day. Mum’s can be hard to buy for; they either have everything they already need or don’t really give you a hint on what they would like, the standard response is usually something like ‘don’t get me anything’! Finding an experience that you can enjoy together is a way to make lifelong memories and give Mum a gift that she may not have bought for herself, it’s a Win-Win.

Looking for a Mother Daughter adventure or even a getaway with your best friend then consider these five unexpected destinations for your next wanderlust journey…

Remarkable Rwanda

If you are looking for an inspiring and memorable experience then look no further. Learn Rwanda’s story from ruin to being one of the world’s safest countries and most progressive leaders in East Africa At the forefront of this incredible re-emergence are the women of Rwanda. Rich in colour, history, resilience, skill and community building, they are a true success story of rebuilding Remarkable Rwanda and have the largest representation in parliament in the world at 65%. And if that is not enough then there is the incredible unique wildlife experience that will leave you speechless.

Gorillas playing
Gorillas playing

Walking Through Cherry Blossoms

Think beyond Japan for Cherry Blossom season. South Korea is often missed as travellers get wrapped up in Japan’s Sakura season or ‘Golden Week’. Follow ‘Dream Road’ in South Korea as you hike and weave through lush forests bursting with soft cherry blossoms. Bowing overhead as you follow abandoned train tracks and pass gurgling streams, explore on foot and absorb nature at its most elegant. The area around Yeojwacheon Stream which is well known as one of the best locations for viewing the spectacular cherry blossoms. Each April, the entire city of Jinhae is filled with cherry blossoms, but the Yeojwacheon Stream area has the most beautiful cherry blossoms.

Walking Through Cherry Blossoms South Korea – Crooked Compass

Magical Nepal

Wake up with a morning yoga class before jumping head on into Kathmandu’s addictive buzz, mingle with ethnic minority groups and embrace two of the worlds great religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. Unwind at one of the finest Spa Resorts in Nepal offering a blend of Vedic philosophy, Buddhist medicine and traditional Himalayan knowledge. One of the most beautiful dreamlands in Asia; Nepal is a paradise for travellers and a visitor’s dream come true.

Meditation – Soul Of Nepal – Crooked Compass

Indigenous Australia

Venture deep into Australia’s backyard and into one of the countries greatest untouched wilderness areas as you disregard traditional maps, follow ancient songlines and learn to live with the land and delve into Yolngu land. Gather bush medicine and foods as you are educated on Yolngu kinship, traditional lore and language. Embrace the Homeland lifestyle – unchanged for over 40,000 years. Your mind will boggle as you learn that each homeland has its own creation story, personality and landscape. To be immersed in the most culturally intact Aboriginal nation in Australia is such a rare privilege.

Enchanted Galapagos

A treasure-trove of natural history where unique wildlife wanders freely and the landscape is dramatic but beautifully desolate. Witness a frigate bird in courtship, the spectacular dive of a blue-footed booby fishing close to shore, or the graceful waved albatross – so comical and clumsy when taking flight. Hike through ancient lava fields, walk along beaches of black, red and green sand. Snorkel with playful sea lions, dolphins, whales and tame sharks in the marine reserve surrounding these extraordinary islands. Slip into a sea kayak and discover hidden tide pools, mangrove forests, beaches and the hardened lava fields smeared onto the edges of the shores. Experience moment after moment of wonder in a land where time stands still.

If any of these ideas have inspired you or if you would like to create your own tailor made experience then please contact us. We love helping our travellers create life long memories!