How to Travel Saudi Arabia in Luxury


There are many different types of travel in the world. You can backpack your way around the globe on a shoestring budget if that’s your preference, but some people like to travel in a little more luxury. Stunning Saudi Arabia is one of the best places to take a more comfortable trip and experience some real elegance.

While this Middle Eastern country is known as a desert region, it is also littered with opulent cities, historical highlights and breathtaking scenery. So, you’ll definitely get to experience a great deal of the country’s history when you travel Saudi Arabia, but in a country that Euromonitor reports as being home to 117,000 millionaires, there’s no shortage of luxury to enjoy, too.

Let’s look at some of the ways to travel Saudi Arabia in style.

Exploring Riyadh

Riyadh is right in the centre of the Arabian Desert and is also the capital of Saudi Arabia. What many people don’t know, however, is that Riyadh is one of the wealthiest cities in the world. It’s also a super-modern metropolis, teeming with over 4,000 mosques and a litany of shopping centres, parks, traditional souks, and a diverse population.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, King Abdullah Financial

Riyadh is also a great place to experience a delightful array of Saudi Arabian food, as there are dining options all over the city. When you need a restaurant in Saudi Arabia, you certainly don’t need to look far, and Riyadh is the perfect example of modern and traditional food coming together.

You’re also spoiled for choice when you need a Saudi Arabia hotel. You’ll find something for every budget, from hostels to breathtaking luxury skyscrapers. It’s important to note that Riyadh isn’t all modern buildings and entertainment. There’s a deep history in the region that should certainly be explored.

There’s no shortage of historical landmarks to check out, including cultural centres such as the National Museum and the Murabba Palace. Weave your way through the city’s marketplaces and seek out some of the beautifully preserved mud-brick architecture from the past.

The Kingdom Centre

One of the highlights for all guests travelling to Saudi Arabia is a visit to the Kingdom Centre. At one stage the country’s tallest tower, the Kingdom Centre is 99 storeys of dining, shopping, entertainment, offices, hotels and more. But the real treat for visitors is right at the top, 99 floors above the ground.

It’s here you’ll find the iconic Sky Bridge suspended more than 300 metres above the ground.

After taking the high-speed lift to the top, you’ll be able to look out over the Riyadh skyline and beyond, taking in the impressive cityscape below. 


While not quite as glittering as the ultra-modern streets of Riyadh, AlUla offers a unique type of luxury travel you won’t find just anywhere. Firstly, the region is defined by its natural beauty, especially around the ancient Nabataean Kingdom area. With beautiful rock formations, canyons and golden desert sands, there is plenty to explore.

Elephant Rock in Saudi Arabia

Discover the history of the Nabataean Kingdom, explore ancient tombs and rock art, and even be guided through the area by a ‘rawee’, or storyteller. There are plenty of luxury hotels and resorts in the area too, catering to your every need after a busy day of taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

Modern meets traditional

Another must-see on a trip to AlUla is the historic city of AlUla itself. This city was once at the crossroads of the Silk Road and Incense Routes and is a terrific place to explore. Nearby, the ‘new city’ is a different vibe altogether. Much of the history is still preserved, however it has been melded with modern conveniences and architecture. The result is a mix of ancient alleyways and modern street art.

You’ll also find some amazing modern restaurants, although without the overt glamour of Riyadh. But remember, travelling in luxury isn’t all about expensive hotels. It’s about life-changing experiences, too. Enjoying a drink in the new city of AlUla while the sun bounces off the surrounding cliffs is an experience to cherish.

Hitting the coast

Most people associate Saudi Arabia with the desert, but let’s not forget that the country also has many coastal regions. One of the most popular and perhaps the most liberal cities in Saudi Arabia is Jeddah, along the Red Sea. It’s the country’s second busiest seaport, partly due to tourism but mostly because it’s the gateway to Mecca, Islam’s most holy city.

Mosque at Jeddah

Jeddah itself is modernised but still maintains its historical charm. For those who enjoy indoor luxuries, experience a relaxing Saudi Arabia spa or explore some of the bustling marketplaces. However, if you prefer the outdoors, you simply have to check out the Red Sea. You can take cruises there, go snorkelling, or just float in the high-salinity water, which is thought to have therapeutic and relaxation benefits.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to Saudi Arabia than the desert. As one of the world’s wealthiest countries, you can enjoy plenty of luxury as you travel Saudi Arabia. To find out more about our incredible Saudi Arabia experiences, contact the team at Crooked Compass today.