How Far do you Travel whilst Eating a Meal in the Air?


Perhaps not really worthy of its own blog post, and perhaps not really something one wonders often, but considering I have just travelled on 17 planes in 7 weeks, and spent a lot of time eating at 37,000 feet, I thought I would pose the question to a few airline staff.

Without mentioning names and airlines, there was not one crew member who could answer my question (which lets be honest, I’m fairly certain this is not something crew are trained on answering) so I took to my own devices and whenever a meal was served, ensured I switched my inflight entertainment device to track my flight path and watched the ‘distance from destination’ line of information for this all important information.

I would jot down the distance stated at the start of my meal. Eat my meal and then record the same piece of information once I was finished and subtract one from the other.

It seemed that most flights were very similar when fed a descent sized meal, averaging 380km per meal.

If I timed how long it took from my tray being delivered at the start of the meal to being cleared post meal, this covered much more mileage, averaging 730km – almost double the duration of eating a meal.

Clearly I had way to much time on my hands with all these flights but just thought I would share this small random fact for the day.