Australia’s Bucket List Experiences


We very rarely explore our own backyard, but once you start to research it a little more, you would surprised with the fascinating and unique experiences we have on offer down under. Here is just a small taste of some of the must do bucket list experiences here in the Great Southern Land.

1.       Whale Shark Diving, Exmouth, Western Australia

With just a 45 minute flight from Perth you can find yourself in the Ningaloo Marine Park and Cape Range National Park. Here you can take your adventure to the next level and snorkel alongside the majestic Whale Sharks in Exmouth. With some Whale Sharks measuring up to 12 metres in length, this is definitely an experience to get the heart racing. Dives start from $395AUD and the best time to visit is between March and July.

2.       Cave Dive Piccaninnie Ponds, South Australia

The crystal clear waters at Piccaninnie Ponds have been slowly filtering through the limestone over thousands of years forming the Pond’s features. One of these beautiful features is The Chasm which formed from freshwater rising to the surface under pressure and eroding the limestone. Take a leisurely snorkel over The Chasm to view its white walls that have been covered in delicate green algae which provides a great contrast to the depths below. Here you will also find the large underwater cavern known as The Cathedral due to its majestic white walls of sculptured and scalloped limestone. With visibility that can exceed 40 metres, it’s no wonder that it is considered one of the prettiest and most spectacular underwater sites on the Limestone Coast. February is the best time to visit and diving and snorkel permits are required so plan ahead.

3.       Swim with Platypus, Eungella National Park, Mackay, Queensland

Platypus are shy and elusive but there is one small ‘pool’ that you can swim in and hope that you will encounter these creatures. Oliver’s Pool is a large clear pond on the rainforest creek within Eungella National Park not far from Mackay. This is known as the most reliable place in the world to see a platypus.

4.       Shark Cage Dive, Neptune Islands, South Australia

Diving with Great White Sharks is one activity that is just indescribable until you have experienced it. You may be interested to know that Australia offers the only tour in the world that has Ocean Floor Cage Diving. Anchored off the Neptune Islands, up to three guests and a Dive Professional descend approximately 20 metres (66 feet) into a blue aquarium of rocky outcrops teeming with reef fish, white sand and swaying sea-grasses, Giant Blue Groupers, elegant stingrays and, of course, the Great White that appears out of the blue and sweeps gracefully towards, over and around the cage. There are no excuses for not going in, as there are also a surface cage diving available for those who are not certified divers. Best time to dive is between October and March with tours departing from Port Lincoln.

5.       Bloomin Tulip Festival, Wynyard, Tasmania

No need to venture all the way to the Netherlands. The Tulip festival hosted in October will offer you the chance to enjoy local art, craft, and music to suit all tastes; experience some magic at the spectacular fireworks over the Inglis River on Saturday evening; sample the culinary delights of the fresh island produce or just become a local during your stay. Other events include the Bloomin’ Tulips Cocktail Party and the Mayoral Ball. The Bloomin’ Tulips Foreshore Market is an integral part of the festival and is held on the first and third Sunday of each month from 8.30am until 2pm. While in the area, visit Table Cape Lookout and historic Table Cape Lighthouse for stunning views up and down the coast.

6.       Aurora Australis, Tasmania

The small coastal town of Eaglehawk Neck, on the Tasman Peninsula, offers magnificent opportunities to witness the Aurora Australis, more commonly called the southern lights. The lights appear in a variety of colours from pink to mauve and yellow to green. The region is also home to some of the most rugged and scenic coastal cliffs in the state, the historic Port Arthur site and the Tasman National Park. The southern lights are most commonly seen in the winter months.

7.       Tank Stream Tour, New South Wales

The Tank Stream was the first supply of water for the colony of Sydney and the stream still runs under the city streets today. The walk is only available twice a year and takes you through 60 metres of the tunnel that was built by convicts and stonemasons. The Tank Stream is a confined space so if you are scared of confined spaces or have limited mobility probably not the activity for you. But this is one fascinating tour that will give you some great insight into Sydney’s history.

8.       Truffle Hunting, Majimup, Western Australia

Truffle lovers this is one for you. Manjimup is home to one of Western Australia’s best-kept gourmet secrets – the illustrious black truffle farmed at the Wine & Truffle Co. The truffiére is one of the few in the world to allow foodies the opportunity to head out on a truffle hunt – a must do for those interested in the farm-to-plate experience. During the truffle season the three-hour hunts are led by an experienced truffle master and loyal hounds, specially trained to sniff out the stuff from under over 13,000 majestic hazelnut and oak trees. To make the most of your truffle hunting experience, make sure you book a table in the Truffle Kitchen for lunch. Tours run from May to end of August.<

9.       Black Marlin Fishing, Cairns, Queensland

The North Queensland coast is famous for its black marlin fishery, offering anglers two very different fishing options and black marlin fishing seasons. The black marlin is the least common of all marlin species and are usually found in tropical and subtropical Indo-Pacific and east Pacific oceans such as Cairns.  The Giant Black Marlin Season off Cairns which runs from late September to early December, is recognised world-wide as THE number one place to catch a 1000 pound black marlin. As for the juvenile black marlin (baby black marlin) – fish enthusiasts can have some light tackle fun off both Cairns and Townsville (Cape Bowling Green) from July through September.<

10.       Tree Top Crazy Rider, Ourimbah, New South Wales

The world’s longest and Australia’s first rollercoaster zip lines can be found in Ourimbah State Forest on the NSW Central Coast. Here the ‘Crazy Riders’ swoop, twist, turn and zig zag through the trees combining the thrill and suspense of a rollercoaster with the flying sensations of zip lines. For something a little extra you can test out the Crazy Rider Xtreme where you are suspended in the trees, twisting, turning, diving through 40 slaloms including three that are complete 360 degree turns and one 540 degree circle around a tree. There is a one kilometre ride or a 330 metre ride to choose from depending on your adventure level.


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