Immersive Art Escapade: Unveiling the Best of Gangwon-do Province in 3 Days


Embark on a captivating exploration of South Korea’s art scene, where traditional and contemporary forms intertwine seamlessly. We have crafted the perfect three-day adventure through Gangwon-do Province, just a stone’s throw away from Seoul. Delve into the region’s rich cultural heritage, witness masterpieces by renowned artists, and immerse yourself in captivating art experiences. From pottery craftsmanship to minimalist architecture and woodblock printing, our itinerary promises to ignite your passion for art and offer a unique glimpse into Korea’s artistic tapestry.

Gangwon-Do Province, South Korea
Gangwon-Do Province, South Korea

Day 1: Exploring Nogo Gallery and Kim Sy-young’s Black Pottery Begin your journey with a visit to Nogo Gallery, home to the esteemed master potter Kim Sy-young. Discover the fascinating world of black pottery, a traditional Korean art form that has been revitalized by Kim’s mastery. Witness his award-winning creations and learn about his innovative techniques that breathe new life into this ancient craft. Engage in a tea ceremony hosted by the artist’s daughters and savor the warmth of Korean hospitality.

Nogo Gallery - Photo credit: Sarah Arane
Nogo Gallery – Photo credit: Sarah Arane

Day 2: Museum SAN – (Space, Art, Nature) a realm where art and nature coalesce at the enchanting Museum SAN. Designed by renowned architect Tadao Ando, this minimalist masterpiece showcases a harmonious blend of architectural brilliance and the changing seasons. Explore the exquisite paper and printing exhibits that span centuries, juxtaposing tradition with contemporary interpretations. Lose yourself in the mesmerizing installations of internationally acclaimed artist James Turrell, where light and space create ethereal experiences.

SAN Museum - Photo Credit: Sarah Arane
SAN Museum – Photo Credit: Sarah Arane

Day 3: Woodblock Printing and Horim Museum – Immerse yourself in the captivating world of woodblock printing at the Museum of Ancient Asian Woodblock Prints. Marvel at ancient prints from Korea, China, Japan, and beyond, showcasing the evolution of this intricate art form. Engage with the museum’s director and learn the art of carving woodblocks, creating your own unique prints as a cherished memento. Conclude your journey at the Horim Museum, where centuries of Korean cultural art come alive through meticulously curated collections.

Wood block printing - Photo Credit: Sarah Arane
Wood block printing – Photo Credit: Sarah Arane

For any art enthusiast, unveil the hidden treasures of Gangwon-do Province. Traverse the realms of tradition and innovation, encountering the masterful works of acclaimed artists and discovering the profound cultural significance of each art form. From the remarkable black pottery to the captivating woodblock prints, this three-day journey promises to leave an indelible impression on your artistic soul. Prepare to be enthralled by the rich tapestry of South Korea’s art scene as you delve into the heart of Gangwon-do Province.

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