8 Bloggers to Inspire Your Travels


We all love to read a good blog, especially when its about uncovering the worlds best kept travel secrets. Sourcing insiders tips and living travel experiences through others – dreaming that it will one day be us trekking with minority tribes and jumping around with locals at a fascinating festival. The below 8 bloggers are our top 8 picks of who to follow for 2016. They each have their own unique style of travel that they focus on whether it be solo travel, photography or the empty-nesters now fondly or (unfondly) known as the ‘SKIS’.

Contented Travellers
Contented Travellers

8. Contented Traveller 

With a slogan ‘You’ve Worked Hard. You’ve Earned it. Just Travel’ it makes all of us stop and say to ourselves “Yes… thats right. I have worked hard,” followed immediately by you researching where you can go on your next jaunt. This blog is aimed at the active traveller and those with financial freedom to splurge on well deserved creature comforts. The Contented Traveller is all about unique places to stay and left of centre travel experiences to enhance your journey.

7. Many Many Adventures

Created by travellers for travellers, this fascinating blog is all about sharing adventures, advice and photography. Aimed at the adventurous traveller who likes to inspire others, you can learn about how you can help local communities whether you are visiting or doing some armchair travel, discover how to explore your own backyard and most importantly, where to move to if Donald Trump becomes the next President in the USA.

6. A Pair of Boots & a Backpack

A fantastically personal blog, about a traveller who classifies herself as clumsy. I can definitely relate to many of her stories. Read about Kristen’s adventures and misadventures including breaking her legs whilst chasing a bus in the Arctic! A great light hearted blog with some fascinating experiences and fantastic photography to support it.

5. Chantae Was Here

Addicted to all things water related (even if its frozen), Chantae Was Here is a wonderfully inspiring blog about a girl who can’t keep still. Chantae, with ever itchy feet, explores the world sharing her journal of adventures whilst encouraging others to explore beyond their front door. She encourages you to realise that ordinary people can have extraordinary experience even if you are not rolling in cash or a hard core adventure junky.

4. Polkadot Passport

I have to say, that Polkadot Passport is one to watch. Nicole is a 21 year old aussie who has visited 30 countries in only two years. Armed with a camera and and a way with words, this wanderluster focusses on inspiring others to get out and explore the world. Travel hacks, inspirational photography and destination guides are Nicole’s core focuses.

3. The Wandering Lens

Love photography and wish you could be better at it? Well here is the blog for you! Inspirational photos with tips and tricks to capture colours perfectly, understand your camera, how to master wide angle photography and how to shoot in various light (dusk, underwater, evening) are just a taste of what’s on offer. Follow Lisa’s life through a lens as she snaps photos of perfection on her own exotic travels whilst you fine tune your camera skills, then give her a run for her money!

Exotic locations and an adventurous heart
Exotic locations and an adventurous heart

2. Travels with Nina

Raw, natural beauty, fascinating cultures and off beat exploration is what is at the core of Travels with Nina. Aimed to inspire readers to be courageous in their travels, Nina offers an extensive range of destination guides, exotic retreats and property reviews, as well as intriguing interviews of other travellers, all with the angled mission to urge travellers to follow a different path in their style of travel.

1. Adventurous Kate

Focusing on independent and solo travel, Kate travels the world writing about her adventures. She shares her tips on how rewarding travelling on your own (especially as a woman) can be. Whilst she often travels on a budget, Kate focusses on sharing with travellers how to get the maximum value out of your travels. Her blog is wonderfully honest from sharing how she makes money as a blogger, through to her worst travel moments.


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