6 Adventures to Experience this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about overpriced long stemmed red roses, crowded dinners, chocolates and whispering sweet nothing’s into your partners ear. Many people don’t even have a partner to share it with, many people think it is overrated and avoid it at all costs, whereas others jump in head first and get washed up with all the commotion and commerciality (is that even a word?) that comes along with it.

I personally think that if you can make it a fun day with your loved one or friends and forget all the ‘lovey dovey’ over the top hoo-ha that goes on, you can have an awesome day and strengthen your bond even more so by having shared something unique together.

Here are my top six adventures for you to try this Valentine’s Day – or next….

Romantic, fun and often ends with champagne!
Romantic, fun and often ends with champagne!

1. Hot Air Ballooning
This is one of the most relaxing ways to start your Valentine’s Day morning. Hot air balloons generally fly in areas that offer stunning scenery and more often than not, take flight at sunrise. Whether it be over lush vineyards, rural countryside landscapes or dry dusty plains, watching the sun rise from the air is truly spectacular as the land below you changes colours, with the sky morphing from glowing mauves to burnt oranges. It’s a great experience to share with your partner or friend as you simply float above the earth with not a care in the world. Silence surrounds you as you take in the beauty together – the views you witness from aloft are something you cannot experience any other way. An added bonus of a hot air balloon flight, is quite often they are complimented with a tasty champagne breakfast.

Nothing like exploring the underwater world together
Nothing like exploring the underwater world together

2. Diving
The underwater world is something truly spectacular and unique. Even if you have never dived before and are looking to take the plunge, there are diving options from beginners through to advanced qualified Dive Masters. No dive is ever the same, and for many people, once you have dived, you are converted. The underwater world takes hold and encapsulates your heart. The untouched beauty at the bottom of the ocean is an amazing site to explore and share with your partner. Pausing hand in hand as a giant sea turtle glides past you or discovering vibrant bursts of coral and marine life that darts around you is something truly special. For those looking for something a little more adrenaline fueled, many aquariums now offer shark tank dives – again a truly amazing experience to share with someone special in a safe, controlled environment.

3. Swim Under a Waterfall
Taking a hike through a national park with your partner is a great way to spend some quality time together. Even more so when you are hiking towards a waterfall that you can swim under! You would be surprised at how many waterfalls are actually safe swimming holes. With a little bit of research, I am sure there isn’t one too far from you. The beauty of swimming beneath cascading water in a shallow pool is that you are surrounded by 100% nature. The only sounds being the tumble of falling water, chirping of birds and clicking of cicardas. It is quite possible that you may be the only ones here too – so why not take a skinny dip? For you Sydney siders, click here.

4. Go to a Theme Park
Nothing is more fun than being a child for the day! So bring out your inner child and hit up a theme park with your partner. You can be guaranteed a day of fun and giggles as you challenge each other on water slides, see who can do the WHOLE roller coaster without holding on and have cheesy pictures taken of you whilst on the rides, not to mention with your favourite TV characters too!

5. Kayaking
Paddling alongside your partner taking in untouched scenery and witnessing wildlife. The only sounds the splash of your paddles and flit of a dolphins tale if your lucky. A great way to spend the day in the outdoors if you are a nature lover and looking for a new way to spend time with your partner. Quite often kayaking trips include a picnic lunch.

For the adrenaline junkies.
For the adrenaline junkies.

6. Sky Diving
For those looking for the ultimate thrill, and something to talk about for weeks to come with your partner, then sky diving is for you. There is nothing quite like being thrown out (ok, well yes, you jump – you are not thrown out) of a hovering plane 12,000ft in the air with your partner free falling besides you. Yes, I know the videos and photos can be unflattering (for those of you who saw the Australian version of The Bachelor, you will remember Laurina’s face), for those who didn’t, see below.

Ok, so not always super flattering, but it will give you a great laugh and plenty to chat about. Guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face by the time you land and take off that uncomfortable harness. Unless of course you are Laurina….