5 Wildlife Experiences Only on the Eyre Peninsula


From scenic flights chasing swirls of salmon runs from above, to emus darting awkwardly across beaches and rugged cliff tops, the remotes of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula has mind blowing wildlife encounters for everyone. From those who are happy to observe and admire from afar, to those keen to come eye to eye with one of the worlds’ most misunderstood predators… What is on your wildlife bucketlist?

Neptune Island Marine Park - photo credit Calypso Bay Charters
Neptune Island Marine Park – Photo credit: Calypso Star Charters

1. Shark Cage Diving

For those who love a bit of adrenaline with their wildlife, look no further than the Neptune Islands for one of the most extreme and exhilarating ocean interactions with the Great White Shark. From the security of your steel cage (or for those who prefer to stay dry, seated comfortably in your glass aqua sub), you will come eye to eye with the mysteriously beautiful, yet terrifying looking predator of the sea. So graceful in their movements and simply awe-inspiring to watch them glide by so elegantly, nothing will prepare you for the intoxicating thrill from being inches away from this wild elasmobranch.

Swimming with the Sea Lions - Photo credit: Adventure Bay Charters
Swimming with the Sea Lions – Photo credit: Adventure Bay Charters

2. Swimming with Sea Lions

Swimming along side endangered Australian Sea Lions is a true privilege and an incredible life enhancing experience. Like playful puppies, these rare and inquisitive sea creatures are gentle and thrilled to have you in their underwater world. It even looks like they are smiling at you as they swirl and twirl around you, performing somersaults and tempting you to mimic them. It is almost as if they are showing off for you – performing twists and turns, backflips and leaps, nothing else from the wild ocean will bring you this much joy. These waters are also home to long nose fur seals and bottlenose dolphins as well as white bellied sea eagles.

Wild emus stalk their way through the rolling sand dunes - Photo Credit: Crooked Compass
Wild emus stalk their way through the rolling sand dunes – Photo Credit: Crooked Compass

3. Emu’s Running Wild

It would be pretty unlikely for you to spend time exploring the Eyre Peninsula and not see multiple mobs of emu’s running amuck. Whether they be skitting over sand dunes or balancing precariously on the edge of wild cliffs, from clusters of four through to parties of over seventy, these flightless birds are impressive to say the least and extremely elegant to simply just watch. Driving through the regions national parks, expect them to dart in front of your vehicle, usually with one or two chicks in tow. They lurk near the waters edge and also deep in the rolling sand dunes. You never know where they are going to pop up!

Koala's at Mikkira Station - Photo credit: Australian Coastal Safaris
Koala’s at Mikkira Station – Photo credit: Australian Coastal Safaris

4. Koala’s in Abundance AND at Eye Level!

Mikkira Station is one of Australia’s best habitats for Koala’s found in the wild. Not only are they in their natural wilds, but they are almost at eye level and at incredibly close proximity. The twisted and mutated Manna gums are stunted due to the limestone terrain, meaning the koala’s are close. So, so close to you, that can hear their snuffled breathing. You are literally face to face. The abundance of Koala’s here is unbelievable. You will need more than two hands to keep count! Wild but placid kangaroos casually hop around in this beautiful setting,  Emus roam around amongst flocks of sheep and there is astounding birdlife here, some of which are rare and native to this area. Bush birds include: Port Lincoln (Australian Ringneck) Parrots, Black-Faced Cuckoo-shrikes, Pallid Cuckoos, Golden Whistlers and an occasional Scarlet Robin.

Sea birds of the Eyre Peninsula - Photo Credit: John White
Sea birds of the Eyre Peninsula – Photo Credit: John White

5. Birds, Birds, Everywhere – Pelagic and Land Birds Galore!

For the bird lovers out there, the 100 National and Conservation Parks scattered throughout the Eyre Peninsula are a must-see destination for pelagic and land bird enthusiasts. The Southern Eyre Peninsula is home to 270 species of birds including a range of local, endangered and rare birds from the Hooded Plovers, the Rock Parrots, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo just to name a few. As you are exploring the coastal regions, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Wedge Tailed Eagles and Ospreys.

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